What our clients are saying ...

... best and most natural hairlines

I did some research and Eduardo’s pieces had the best and most natural hairlines. I am about to order my second hair piece and couldn't imagine my life without my hair! Such a confidence booster. I am glad I found this talented Hair Stylist.


I am glad I found out about Crowns and Locks a year and a half ago. My new hair changed my personality, made me feel confident and Eduardo is the man. I am grateful for his talent and very natural hair pieces.

Nick Bruni

Eduardo is very professional, patient, and attentive to detail. I always have a good time when having my hair done. Definitely recommend his services.


Eduardo has been my stylist for more than a year and I am always happy with his work and his techniques. I always leave feeling fresh and confident.

Joao Neto

Before meeting with Eduardo for a very first time consultation, I had a lot of doubts as well questions in regarding to the hair systems, he was able to provide me not only a consultation but allowing me to experience what my next step of my life would become, a decision was made to gain again my self confidence as well confidence. His warm presence and answering all the questions was really what I choose him to next level.  I really loved to have the choices for the hair products.

The most important he is really honest and super friendly.

Once I had the very first hair system, I truly honestly could not believe how I was then and I am now.  I gain what I was missing and stopped hiding myself under a baseball caps.

Looks and sounds a lot of work, however is worth!!!

Therefore, I recommend Crowns & Locks.

All his work is truly inspirational and Ed's passion to always make me feel good.

Super recommend Ed to also make you how you really feel.

... really honest and super friendly!

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