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  • Can I have any hair style?
    Yes! Comb it, style it, spike it — Get inspired! This hair is yours and you can finally enjoy wearing it as you choose. We can also give you advice if you have questions about specific styles. Our team of experts will be happy to give you tips and tricks.
  • Can I swim, shower, or sleep with my hair system on?"
    Definitely! Sleep, swim, or shower — probably anything goes! Your hair replacement won't stop you from doing anything you normally would do. However, chlorine in pools can be harmful and drying to any kind of hair, and so we recommend you deep-condition your hair after swimming to make it sleek again.
  • Can I use hair dryers, straighteners, and regular hair products?"
    Yes, you can. You can treat and style your hair system just like you would treat normal hair. Natural, water or oil-base products are preferable as they are less damaging to the hair. We don't recommend using hard or dry products like waxes ad pastes as they will require you to shampoo your hair more often, possibly wearing it out prematurely.
  • How safe are the hair systems?
    We have had more than four years experience providing this hair replacement solution to our clients, and there have been no problems from a safety point of view. Our customers have had no skin irritations, nor any other side effects from this treatment whatsoever.
  • What's a maintenance service?
    A maintenance service consists of removing the hair system, cleaning and shampooing both your head and the system. We shave the hair that has regrown under, and then reapply the system to your scalp using fresh adhesive.
  • How often do you have to change the hair system?
    Although hair systems can last from 3 to 6 months with proper care, we recommend having a maintenance appointment every 2 to 3 weeks. This way, we can ensure the hair and your scalp are kept in the best condition.
  • Is it necessary to shave my head in order to wear a hair system?
    Generally speaking, yes it is. However, if you're a little bit tentative – not quite sure if it's for you and want to see how good you look with it, what it looks like, we can apply it over the top of your hair. That will give you about 90 percent acceptance of vision rate of how it should look. From our experience, the men who go that route are not really committed yet to the new system. So, for best results you will want to shave your head as we recommend. That way, your hair system can be applied correctly for your best look.
  • Why should I get a non-surgical hair system instead of a hair transplant?
    The most common cause of hair loss in men is what is called male pattern baldness (or androgenetic alopecia). This often can begin with men in their 20s, or even while still in their teens. Yet, aging, stress, medications, poor grooming, sleeping and nutrition habits, as well as illnesses such as lupus, diabetes and heart disease can all speed up or increase hair loss. A surgical hair transplant can replace hair in a bald spot, but will not protect against future additional hair loss around the transplant. A non-surgical hair system is your best bet! Even if you are a candidate for a transplant, our solution might be preferable because you won't have to worry about future thinning, nor any possible risk associated with surgery.
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