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My Story
Eddie posing with new hair
I was only 19 years old when I start losing my hair. "That just means that you are a guy"—my mom's words! As the baseball caps and hats became my best friends, lack of self-esteem became my worst enemy. I stopped swimming at pool parties or at the beach simply because I didn’t want to draw attention to the bald spots on my head. Through the years, I always felt 10 years older than my real age. With education and experience as a hairstylist over the years I realized that hair is not only to frame your face and accentuate your features—it is a personal form of art. Your style and your personality are expressed through your hair! A tall lady can always look great with long hair; a girl with tattoos can rock a razor cut pixie style. 
The truth is that many guys don't look as good bald. Shaved head guys can be attractive, but I didn't want to be one anymore! I wanted more versatility:  a short hairstyle for summer, and longer in the winter. To be honest, I wanted movie star hair.
Hats off— mission accomplished!
A family member sent me the video that changed my life. I was amazed to learn that I could get my hair back in a non-surgical and inexpensive way! I carefully did my research, spending months looking into her systems, and then starting my journey buying different bases and types. Now after several years of wearing these, I decided to share what I learned to make other guys feel as confident as I feel today!
Maybe you have a collection of hats that you don’t want to wear all the time, but there is no reason not to feel 100% confident with yourself. Book a consultation and I will explain how I keep my natural looking hair on point! No pressure; just the real deal and you will see the product I wear proudly on my head!
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